Welcome! My name is Chas, and I am a cellist and teacher based in the Santa Barbara, CA area. Below please find videos of my playing, teaching testimonials, and more information about my experience. If you are interested in getting in touch for lessons or otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you through the contact form.

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TEaching Testimonials

“Chas is not only an exceptional teacher and performer, but also an extremely thoughtful human being. He has the rare ability to connect with students of all ages. It was an honor to have him serve as my teaching assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder, and I encourage students of all levels to pursue their studies with him.” - David Requiro, CU-Boulder Cello Professor

Chas has a powerful way of teaching that inspires and empowers his students. His teaching is clear and effective, and he gives you the confidence to make you believe you can succeed. In short, he is the type of teacher that makes you want to become better.  - Hannah, CU-Boulder Undergraduate Cello Major

Chas is a wonderful teacher because he's really insightful and provides helpful constructive criticism and has a good selection of pieces that he uses to teach. He's also super nice and has a great sense of humor and is a very charismatic teacher. He's a great teacher. - Juliana, 16 yo student

“Chas is a wonderful teacher. He is positive and firm without being strict or boring. He makes repetitive training easy to digest and not a chore. My daughter had never played a string instrument and has been going strong for a year now.” - Willie, Parent

“Chas lets you have freedom with what you're doing at the same time you're learning and having fun. Say that you hadn’t practiced for a while he wouldn’t mind and he would just try to help you catch up. Or if you make a mistake it’s not a big deal and we just try again and practice. I have had lots of fun in the lessons and I think he can be a great teacher to all sorts of people!” - Elle, 12 yo student

My son, Isaac, has been learning the cello from Chas. Chas is a talented musician and a passionate teacher. He always encourages Isaac to challenge his limits, but be patient until he masters the skills. Most of all, Chas knows how to let a music learner keep the love in music. I strongly recommend him for everyone who wants to enjoy learning cello.   - Jeehyun, parent


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